Teenage pair charged with murder of NHS worker David Gomoh who was stabbed to death last week

Two teens are charged with the murder of NHS supply worker David Gomoh, 24, who was stabbed to death in east London just days after his father died from coronavirus

Two teenage boys have been charged with the murder of worker David Gomoh.

The 24-year-old was stabbed to death a short distance from his home in Newham, east on April 26, just days after his father passed away from . 

Muhammad Jalloh, 18, from Newham and a 16-year-old boy from Telford, Shropshire are charged with the murder and will appear at Thames Magistrates‘ Court on Monday. 

The pair, who had been in custody following their arrests over the weekend, are also charged with conspiracy to cause Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) in a seperate incident involving a different person.

According to post-mortem examination, Mr Gomoh was struck in the chest and abdomen, with the fatal incident taking place on Freemasons Road, Newham at around 10.25pm last Sunday.

The 24-year-old‘s death also occurred days before the funeral of his father, Ken, who died from coronavirus in the days leading up to the attack on his son. 

Mr Gomoh was an NHS worker, like his mother Marian, 53, and helped to supply his colleagues with essential equipment during the global crisis.  

Earlier this week, Detective Inspector Tony Kirk said: ‘Within days his mother has seen the death of her husband and son, his sister has lost her father and brother. Both are heartbroken.  

‘At this time we believe the only thing David did to be murdered was walk down the street.‘ 

 Earlier this week, Ms Gomoh : ‘My son was not able to bury his father and we lost them both so close to each other. You cannot imagine how devastated the whole family is.

‘For any family one death is bad enough but to suffer two in short a short space of time is so painful that I cannot put it into words. 

‘I am devastated, we all are and it‘s difficult to be strong at this time, but we are trying.‘


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