Some medical services preparing to open in Alberta, but many say PPE still an issue

EDMONTON — After getting the green light from the province last week, non-urgent elective surgeries will resume Monday. So too will urgent dental visits along with physiotherapy visits and routine eye exams. Workers will have to follow guidelines set out by their licensing bodies. “The relaunch will be done carefully, slowly and incrementally,” said Alberta […]

Suppliers facing ‘wild west‘ of PPE procurement

TORONTO — In the struggle to get more masks, gowns and gloves to front-line workers during the coronavirus pandemic, suppliers and importers are facing what has been called a "wild west" of personal protective equipment. Empty boxes, unfulfilled orders and cargo planes landing at foreign airports to be greeted by no one.  "There have been some real […]

Maryland Looking Into Delay of PPE From China

The state of Maryland canceled a gigantic order of coronavirus supplies from a politically connected company — and wants state law-enforcement officials to investigate the matter, reported Saturday. The chaotic situation mirrors the unregulated marketplace that has emerged as states, hospitals, and first responders scramble to buy face masks, gloves, gowns and other protective medical […]


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