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‘Scientific Basis‘ for Trump‘s Injecting Light, Disinfectant Quips

President Donald Trump was castigated for discussing ultraviolet light and safely injecting disinfectants to fight the coronavirus, but he was absolutely right on with research already under way, according to Chairman of the Hamptons Health Society Dr. Peter Michalos.

"Some of the new treatments that President Trump was trying to say, they're actually not fiction," Dr. Michalos told Sunday "" on 970 AM-N.Y.

"If you cannot explain it, better to not talk about it, but what he was saying actually does have a scientific basis."

Michalos lamented the unfortunate misreporting of the story from the infamous White House coronavirus task force briefing where Trump was mocked and derided for talking about injecting light and disinfectants in the body to treat coronavirus patients.

"[Trump] couldn't explain it because there aren't any real doctors at any of these briefings – they are all these people who haven't seen a patient in 45 years," Michalos told host John Catsimatidis.

"Yes, you can use UVC light to kill virus, and the same thing with disinfectant," he added. "There are people in Boston using nitric oxide, spraying it into the lungs in a controlled setting, and they're using it to kill virus and disinfect the lungs."

Also, Michalos pointed to a California hospital rated top-10 in the U.S.

"Before antibiotics, they used to do something called UVC extracorporeal cleaning of your blood," he said. "They let your blood out, put it in a container, and they hit it with UVC to kill the bacteria. And then they put it back in your body. So there is a basis of using light.

"There's actually a study in Cedars-Sinai in California, where they are taking an ultraviolet light tube, and they are bringing the light inside the lungs, lighting it to help kill virus."

Cedars-Sinai, California, confirmed the use of light in COVID-19 treatment :

"A Cedars-Sinai research team is in the pre-clinical stages of developing a technology that harnesses intermittent ultraviolet (UV) A light for treating viruses and bacteria.

"The technology has not been tested or used on patients. Cedars-Sinai has filed for patents related to the technology and has signed a licensing agreement with Aytu BioScience with the aim of potentially enabling near-term use as a COVID-19 intervention for critically ill, intubated patients."

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