COVID-19 Three Times More Deadly Than Flu in Florida

The coronavirus has been roughly three times more deadly in Florida than the state's deadliest flu season in a decade, according to Florida Department of Health data. In roughly two months of COVID-19 death data, Florida has reported 1,268 deaths to the virus. Confirmed flu cases through eight months of data killed decade-high 468 Florida residents in 2009, records […]

What are ‘Murder Hornets‘ and should I be worried? Asian giant hornets spotted in the US

Joel Shannon USA TODAY Saturday May 2, 2020 at 7:01 PM An invasive hornet species slaughters honeybees, can be deadly to humans and— unfortunately — has been spotted in the United States. A small number of Asian giant hornet sightings in the Pacific Northwest has raised alarm after a nickname for the predators started trending on Twitter on Saturday: “Murder […]


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