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Newspaper headlines: Coronavirus vaccine race and post-lockdown workplace rules

As Boris Johnson prepares to deliver his message that there must be global co-operation on finding a vaccine for coronavirus, the Daily Telegraph has a message for him.

in its instruction to people to stay at home, it must now find a way to lead what has become a “fearful public” out of lockdown.

It suggests the PM has promised nothing more than a menu of options for the end to lockdown and calls on him to “do more than set out a blueprint to an uncertain future”.

“Year 6 first in phased return to school,” is the headline as the Guardian reports that Mr Johnson will announce next Sunday that children in the final year of primary education will be the first to be allowed back into schools in England.

‘Really premature‘

According to the paper, the government‘s scientific advisory group has deemed that age group a priority because of the vital transition to secondary schools in September.

Meanwhile, the for “one in five children to return to class” from next week.

The first week in June would be the target for all primaries to open, with years 10 and 12 returning to secondaries shortly afterwards.

However, National Education Union chief Kevin Courtney tells the paper: “While we all want to see a return to some sort of normality, it‘s really premature to talk about a June return date.”

Private call centre companies, including the firm Serco, are to be contracted to run the new .

It says it‘s learnt staff will be given a day‘s training and a script to work to in phone calls with people who‘ve been in close quarters with confirmed cases.

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth is unimpressed. “We should be looking to mobilise the expertise of local government,” he tells the paper. “Nobody will think tracing should be in the hands of private companies seeking to make a profit.”

Online, the about secondary pandemic pressures on the NHS.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists says it‘s deeply concerned that rehabilitation services will be overwhelmed by a “tsunami” of recovering coronavirus patients.

The scale of the impending crisis is “absolutely enormous”, according to the society‘s assistant director, Susan Hayward-Giles.

Jumbo queues?

In of London‘s Heathrow Airport for air travel to be made a special case when it comes to social distancing.

John Holland-Kaye says any attempt to enforce the 2m (6ft 6in) rule in terminals would result in a queue a kilometre (0.6 miles) long to board a single jumbo jet.

He argues there simply isn‘t that space at most airports. Instead, he wants the government to agree “a common international standard” which might include mandatory health checks for passengers.

He says it‘s needed within a month to save the summer season and safeguard jobs.

‘OAPs‘ revolt‘

Former pensions minister that keeping people subject to lockdown restrictions because of their age is “fundamentally wrong”. It could provoke a “social revolt”, she suggests.

The former Monty Python star, Sir Michael Palin, 76, agrees. He tells the paper it feels “very unfair”.

Dame .

She says she‘ll stay in lockdown as long as necessary and that the rules show Britain cares about its older generation.

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