Mark Cuban Slams Feds for Not ‘Hiring Unemployed‘ to ‘Fight Coronavirus‘

Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban jumped to Twitter Sunday to scold the federal government for not hiring any of the millions of unemployed Americans to help track and fight the coronavirus.

In one tweet, the billionaire NBA owner took the federal government to task for allowing people to remain unemployed because the economy has been shut down due to the many stay-at-home orders preventing them from going to work.

“Explain to me why in the midst of 50m people unemployed or underemployed, the gov isn’t hiring and training MILLIONS to do Tracking/Tracing, Caring/Supporting at-risk populations and sanitization work? And now is the time to train/pay stay at home parents/caregivers as well,” he tweeted.

Cuban then asked if anyone was “paying attention” and added a list of names of high-profile members of the media and government.

Still, despite the scolding, Cuban also recently said that once the response to the pandemic is over, “things are going to be OK.”

The Shark Tank star Fox Business Network’s Making Money with Charles Payne that once the “initial hurdle” of the viral outbreak gets cleared, “things are going to be OK.” He also urged the American people to take advantage of any available government programs to help them get through the crisis.

Cuban also scolded the media for censoring “critical information” and cutting the president’s coronavirus briefings.

“I was watching the press conference [on Monday],” Cuban SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. “There’s no disputing that there’s a lot of hyperbole and a lot of marketing going on in those briefings, but be that as it may, they got to a point where I think the head of FEMA was starting to present all the different data as it relates to personal protective equipment, and where masks were being delivered, where ventilators were being delivered, where gloves and isolation gowns were being delivered.”

Cuban continued, “To me, that was critical information because I — just as a citizen and knowing people who work on the front lines of healthcare — am concerned [and] I’m terrified for those folks when they go to work.”


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