Hordes queue for B&Q while more covidiots mob the parks

Covidiot hipsters pack London‘s trendy Broadway Market as others mob parks and traffic increases 2% in a week – despite 75% of Britons fearing a return to the office


Britons continued to flock outdoors today despite the ongoing lockdown measures – as a new poll revealed that 75 per of people fear a return to the office.

The streets of the popular Broadway Market in Hackney, East London, were flocked with revellers on Sunday even though most shops were closed.

One group of friends were pictured laughing as they each held a pint of beer while walking down the middle of the street.

Elsewhere, sun-seekers headed to parks around the country, including many who took advantage of the weather by sitting on the grass in Crystal Palace Park in South-East London. 

Traffic data from TomTom showed a two per cent increase in the number of cars on the road yesterday, compared to the previous Saturday in London. A similar pattern could be seen in Manchester which also saw a one per cent increase in traffic compared to the previous Saturday. 

Lengthy queues of also customers began lining up outside B&Q outlets on Sunday morning. The DIY chain last week said that all of its 288 stores are now open to the public.

People could also be seen outside Homebase stores as the business followed suit with its competitor and opened all of its 164 nationwide branches.

Other businesses such as Burger King, KFC and Nandos have also started opening select stores, with strict social distancing measures in place. 

But despite the busy scenes, polling released today indicates that just one in four Britons would feel safe at work amid the coronavirus crisis and more than half are opposed to schools reopening.  

Revellers were seen with pints of beer in hand at Broadway Market in Hackney, East London, on Sunday, as they ignored orders to stay home amid the coronavirus outbreak

The market was bustling with people, some of whom were standing outside shops while others used bicycles to get around

The arrival of warmer weather has contributed to the increase in the numbers of people heading outside. Pictured: A mother shepherds her two children down the middle of the street at Broadway Market on Sunday

In Crystal Palace Park in London, people were seen making the most of the reasonable weather as they sat on the grass with food and alcohol

The latest traffic data from TomTom showed a dramatic fall in traffic since the lockdown started in late March throughout the capital. But there was an increase of 2 per cent in traffic levels London compared to the previous Saturday

Data published by Opinium found only 17 per cent of Britons believed conditions had been met to considering reopening schools on May 8, with 67 per cent of those polled believing the opposite.

There was also opposition to the reopening of restaurants and pubs – with only 11 per cent agreeing Britain is at a place to open eateries and 9 per cent supporting a return to pubs.

Which business have started to reopen?

Britons more strongly opposed a return to stadium events and nightclubs, with 7 per cent saying conditions have been met for both to resume, compared to 84 per cent who did not.

The data, collected between Wednesday and Friday last week, came as a YouGov poll found only one in four adults would feel safe returning to work amid the current state of coronavirus.

The second poll, carried out on behalf of The Sunday Times, also noted 48 per cent of Britons opposed the reopening of schools in the next few weeks, compared to 28 per cent who did not.

And 59 per cent of people polled by the Sunday Express said they would not feel comfortable going out and do not plan to resume a normal life next month. 

Some 56 per cent of those polled approved of how the Government had handled the crisis. 

Two men were arrested in Glastonbury, Somerset, today after group Free Love Cannabis attempted to stage a protest to ‘raise awareness‘ of the drug.

Officers also issued three people with £60 fixed penalty notices under Covid-19 regulations – although the value to be paid drops to £30 if this is paid within three weeks. 

Avon and Somerset police said they had warned the protesters not to go ahead due to the coronavirus outbreak.

‘The right to protest and the protection of freedom of expression are vitally important but we are in the midst of a public health emergency which has claimed the lives of more than 28,000 people,‘ they said in an open letter.

‘This has to take precedent. We have a clear and pressing need to make sure the rights of the public to be protected and kept safe are prioritised and the government measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus are followed.

‘We‘re aware a small number of people are planning to protest in Glastonbury town centre at lunchtime today and we‘ve been engaging with the protest organisers to outline their responsibilities to the general public around not doing anything which could spread coronavirus.

‘This includes following restrictions on unnecessary travel, public gatherings, social distancing and leaving home without a reasonable excuse.‘ 

A man was pictured being arrested by two police officers in pictures taken at the scene today.

It comes as the Prime Minister is expected to reveal his roadmap of proposals to slowly lift the restriction in place since late March, but come down hard on any secondary hotspots that emerge.

The first easing of restrictions is not expected to come into force until June, and will be accompanied by the stricter enforcement of breaches of the remaining rules, with fines rising from the current £60 to more than £3,000 for repeat offenders. 

Whilst many of the shops in Broadway Market were closed as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, many people still took to the streets

The streets were busy despite continuing lockdown measures ordering people to stay home except for essential reasons or to exercise once a day

One man used his bike to travel around Broadway Market on Sunday

Some those out and about at Broadway Market wore masks while one woman pulled her coat over her mouth in an attempt to guard against the virus

Two people sat on the grass in Crystal Palace today. Police were seen at the park warning people to abide by lockdown measures

Police were pictured patrolling Crystal Palace park today and speaking to members of the public, reminding them of the lockdown rules

Another group looked at their smartphones while sitting on the grass in the London park

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps warned that Britain will not return to ‘business as usual‘ this month.

He told Sky‘s Sophy Ridge On Sunday: ‘I don‘t think we should expect us to go from this situation that we have at the moment of social distancing back to where we were in February – that‘s clearly not going to happen and I don‘t think anyone imagines that for one moment.‘

Ministers are concerned that the public have gone beyond the letter of the law introduced when the pandemic began to sweep the nation, according to the Sunday Times.

A senior Whitehall source told the paper: ‘What you are going to see this week is a restatement of what we thought would happen right at the beginning when we first issued the lockdown.

‘But it‘s going to be repackaged as a slow opening up of the economy. Please will construction sites reopen, please will you go to work if you can without hurting people, please if you are a key worker will you send your children to school.

‘We‘ve gone round the houses to get back to where we started.‘

One couple splashed in shallow waters on the sandbanks Lee-on-the-Solent in Hampshire

Members of the public follow social distancing guidelines as they queue outside a B&Q warehouse in Loughborough as the UK continues in lockdown to help curb the spread of the coronavirus

People queue outside a B&Q store in Greenwich as the DIY giant opens all their stores ahead of an expected easing of the lockdown restrictions in the coming weeks

DIY enthusiasts queuing outside the B&Q in Greenwich this morning at a safe social distance

The police pictured patrolling Crystal Palace Park and speaking to members of the public reminding them of the coronavirus lockdown rules

A Costa Coffee drive-thru at Cameron Toll in Edinburgh which has re-opened for take away only and less payments

A long queue maintaining social distancing outside a Tesco supermarket in north London as the UK continues in lockdown to help curb the spread of the coronavirus

An empty Tay Road Bridge in Dundee, as the UK continues in lockdown to help curb the spread of the coronavirus

Despite the warm weather this weekend, Britons should prepare for a wet summer ahead. 

April was one of the top five hottest on record – but the five hottest Aprils were all followed by wetter-than-normal summers, with some also cooler-then-usual.

Met Office computers in March said a warmer-than-average summer was a 60 to 80 per cent probability – but now say it is just a 20 to 60 per cent chance.

Bookmakers Coral cut odds on summer being wetter than normal from 6/4 to 1/2. Coral spokesman John Hill said: ‘It looks like brollies, not sunblock. We could be set for a washout summer.‘

‘Alarm bells‘ are ringing as bad summers follow hot springs in ‘weather‘s way of evening things out,‘ The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze said.

Cool temperatures are due at times in May, the Met Office said. No prolonged heat is due this month, ex- and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of weathertrending said.

The UK has announced 315 new coronavirus deaths today, bringing total fatalities to 28,446 and putting the country on course to become the hardest hit in Europe

Mobility trackers show the number in people in public places is steadily creeping up

It comes after Britain announced 315 new coronavirus deaths today, bringing total fatalities to 28,446 and putting the country on course to become the hardest hit in Europe.

This increase puts the UK‘s death toll just 264 behind Italy, which was the original epicentre of the continent‘s outbreak.

Michael Gove revealed at the daily Downing Street press conference that the overall number of cases has climbed to 186,599 following an extra 4,339 positive tests.

The cabinet office minister said 76,496 tests had been performed yesterday, dipping below the 100,000 daily target set by the government.  

Although figures are typically lower on Sunday‘s and Mondays, the 315 fatalities reported by the Department of Health across all care settings marks the fewest daily deaths recorded in over a month.

Shoppers headed to The Range store in Leicester in the hope of picking up some home comforts during lockdown. One couple, pictured above, carried away a set of balcony furniture

Another woman left the shop with a trolley packed full of items, including cushions and a metal vase filed with flowers

Others left the shop with posters and chairs as they apparently tried to make the most of a less busy shopping environment

And in Edinburgh, there were queues of people in their cars waiting to get a hot drink from a Costa Coffee Drive Through outlet which had just re-opened

There were so many cars that Costa employees had to wear high-visibility jackets and direct the flow of traffic

Costa employees wore masks as they dealt with customers‘ orders from behind the drive-thru counter

Before Mr Gove announced the Department of Health‘s UK total, the public health bodies from the four nations revealed their individual death tallies which totalled 358.

The difference in totals reflects varying data gathering methods and time-frames.  

England suffered the lion‘s share of today‘s reported deaths with 327 patients, aged between 46 and 101, passing away in NHS hospitals. 

A further 12 died in Scotland, 14 in Wales and five in Northern Ireland, bringing each nation‘s total toll to 1,571, 983 and 381, respectively. 

Today‘s death figures for England also shows the gulf in deaths between the regions, with the Midlands reporting 69 fatalities and the South West 19.

Shoppers at B&Q in Loughborough were seen waiting in queues caused by the store‘s social distancing measures

Two men were arrested in Glastonbury, Somerset, on Sunday after they staged a protest to ‘raise awareness‘ of cannabis

Officers were pictured arresting a man and removing him from the town centre. Three other people have been issued with fixed penalty notices

The interactive ONS map shows the bulk of virus deaths are in densely populated cities and their transport routes to one another, while, towns furthest away from cities appear to be avoiding the worst of the crisis. 

In the East of England, at least 23 local authorities have not recorded any coronavirus deaths in Suffolk, and 21 in Norfolk.

There are nine towns and villages where residents are yet to fall victim to the disease in the Welsh county of Conwy, seven in Pembrokeshire, five in Gwynedd and five in Ceredigion.

In the New Forest national park in Hampshire there have been no recorded deaths in the Milford and Lymington south area, while in neighbouring Dorset, places such as Bovington, Wool and Lulworth have no recorded Covid-19 deaths.


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