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DeSantis: Florida Developing Rapid Virus Testing For Nursing Home Visitors, Foreign Travel

Florida is planning a rapid COVID-19 testing program that will help family members resume much-needed visits to loved ones in nursing homes, Gov. Ron DeSantis said Sunday.

In an interview on Fox News’ DeSantis said rapid testing will also be key to the resumption of travel from foreign nations.

“I’m going to be unveiling a mobile RV lab that we can drive across Florida, the results are going to back back in 45 minutes so we're going to go to nursing homes,” DeSantis said. “It's our number one thing, test the staff, test the residents and eventually, once we get enough rapid tests, I'd like to be able to test the family members and let them go visit their loved ones. 

“These people haven't had visitors for close to two months,” he continued. “That’s not an easy thing. Obviously we have to err on the side of safety but if a son or daughter can get a test and they're negative, they should be able to go in and see their parents.”

On the resumption of travel from foreign countries, DeSantis said he has a testing plan for that too — and the ear of President Donald Trump on the matter.

“If you're in a country that has an outbreak and you want to fly into the United States, then I think that there should be a rapid test done in that country at the airport, in conjunction with the airlines, so that if you're negative you board the plane and come,” he said.

“I don't think people should just show up here COVID-positive and have Floridians have to scramble to contain it,” he added. “So I think we may be able to get there. I have people working on this in Florida for the proposal. I'm going to give it to the president but I know he's very concerned about that because we've done all this mitigation that's caused a lot of problems, but we needed to do it to stop the spread and keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed.”

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